How to Clean a Flat Top Grill: Fast and Effective Methods

I know a lot of people who have a flat top grill. I use it a lot because I can cook up a lot of food and clean it out in one swoop. But how to clean a flat top grill if the grease has burnt-on and left permanent black gunk on the cooking surface?

First, I turn off the grill and let it cool down. Then I Remove as much as I can with my hands, just using my fingers to rub it off, and I then use a grill scraper or a pot scraper to scrape off anything that’s still stuck.

To scrub the surface, I usually put dish soap onto a scouring pad and scrub away! Once it is cleaned thoroughly, I wipe it down with a damp paper towel and turn the grill back on. And voila! Clean grill.

clean grill

What exactly is a flat top grill?

I have a flat top grill that has served me loyally for almost 5 years. And I use it a lot for cooking all types of dishes like fried rice, steak, seafood, burgers and more. The grill provides even heat on its surface, and we can adjust the heat from low, medium, to high according to the food that’s been cooked.

The benefit of having a flat top grill is that we can either cook directly on top of it or place pots or pans to do so. The food cooked on top of a flat top grill is tasty and has a smoky flavor. Grilling is also enjoyed by people who like to eat healthy and tasty food. Because there is no oil present and the fat from the meat burns down, it is great for health freaks.

Commercial flat grills are bigger, and the amount of different kinds of food cooked at a time is amazing. Chefs in the restaurant find this grilling equipment convenient not only for the grills but also for the variety of dishes that can be cooked on it.

Best ways to clean a flat top grill

I end up cooking a lot of food on the grill, and by the end of the day, things get a bit messy. To keep the cooking grill in the best shape, we need to clean it regularly because the food that is cooked on top of it tends to stick on the surface, causing the surface to become uneven.

When foods like meat, burgers, sandwiches or even frozen patties are cooked, the cheese and fat tend to stick on to the top. This makes the grill sticky, oily, and bumpy.

flat top grilling

So if the grill is dirty, then the food cooked doesn’t taste nice, and neither will the cooking process be enjoyable. I clean my grill after every use because if I don’t, the cleaning process becomes more difficult. The best way is to clean it after every use and before it’s put away in a safe place.

I’ve given a couple of the techniques I use to clean the flat top grill, all of which involve items that can be found in any kitchen:

Clean with simple ingredients

Lemon juice and water

When oil and grime build-up, the grill becomes sticky. Lemon juice is known to cut grease, and cleaning the flat top grill with a mixture of lemon juice and water will get excellent results. So here’s how it is done:

  • The first step is to switch on the grill and heat the surface so that the food that is stuck on the surface loosens a bit.
  • Use a grill scraper to scrape all the food from the surface.
  • Mix ¼ of lemon juice to ¾ of water and pour it into a spray bottle
  • Spray the mixture on the hot grill and use a grill brush to spread the mixture
  • Give it about 5 minutes so that the food waste soaks it up.
  • After five minutes, it becomes easier to clean.
  • With circular motions, clean the grill with a scrub and wipe off all the remaining cleanser with a dry cloth.

cleaning a flat top grill

Water and vinegar

Vinegar is something we all have in our kitchen, and it is known to have grease-cutting properties. The grease that accumulates on the grill can be easily removed by applying vinegar. The measurement is equal parts of water and vinegar. Then repeat the above process of spraying and scrubbing. Using this mixture keeps my flat top grill clean and sparkling until the next use.

Soda water and lemon juice

I just follow these simple steps to clean the grill with the mixture of soda water and lemon; these two loosens the grease and makes the cleaning process much easier for me:

  • Heat the flat top grill
  • Scrape the food waste with a grill scraper
  • Spray the mixture onto the hot surface
  • Wait for 5 minutes
  • Scrub the surface and then wipe it clean

Raw vinegar

Vinegar is something that can be found in any kitchen; it has the unique property of cutting through oil and grime. It makes cleaning simple and easy, and I get to have that tangy smell I love so much.

  • Apply the raw vinegar on the surface of the grill
  • Using a scrubber, scrub the surface using circular motions
  • Clean the dirt with a scraper
  • Wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth

Grill brick

This method is slightly different from the rest; the process of using grill brick to clean will remove all the dirt and grime without leaving even the smallest of particles. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Heat the grill
  • While it’s still hot, pour a cup of oil on top
  • Spread the oil on the surface and, in concentric circles, scrub the surface using grill brick
  • Collect the oil on the grease holder and get rid of it
  • Use the water-vinegar mixture and pour it on the hot surface
  • Use grill brick and scrub the surface again
  • Collect the liquid in the grease holder

Pour the water/vinegar combination on the surface once again, and then wipe it clean with a clean, dry towel.

flat top grill cleaning stone

Dishwashing liquid

This is the most commonly used way of cleaning the flat top grill. The dishwashing liquid can help with the cleaning process. I simply apply the liquid to the surface, scrape the grill with a sponge, and then wipe it clean.

Apart from the above, we can also clean the flat top grill with something that does not include any chemical.

Steam and water

  • Keep the flat top grill in the on mode
  • Clean the debris
  • Sprinkle water on the surface of the grill and let the food particles loosen up
  • Drain the water and then use more water to repeat the process
  • Drain the water again, and now the grilling surface will be sparkling clean


This is one of a kind cleaning method to keep the flat top grill clean and sparkling. I use an onion to scrub the hot surface of the grill. An onion will cut through the grease, and after the scrubbing process is finished, I wipe the surface with clean paper towels.

Carbonated soda water

When the food is cooked on a flat top grill, it tends to stick on the surface of the equipment. And leaving it like this for a while will be bad for the grill. Using carbonated soda water on a hot surface and wiping it off with a clean and dry cloth keeps my grill spic and span.

So when someone asks how to clean a flat top grill, all I can say is that there are several methods that can be used to keep the grill clean and sparkling. We just need to spend some time and have patience till we get the required result.

I am a person who likes to keep things clean. I like to keep my flat top grill in the best condition, so I clean it after every use. This way, I can be assured that the grill will serve me much longer.

clean flat top grill

Flat-top grill over regular grill?

Flat-top grills are my favorite since they spread heat evenly across the whole surface. There are several temperature settings, and the grilled food tastes superb, considerably superior to conventional grills.

Regular grills can only be used to grill, but flat-top grills can cook anything. These are the reasons I enjoy flat-top grills, as well as the fact that I can cook a variety of foods on mine, including sunny-side-up eggs, fried rice, cottage cheese, burgers, and much more.

I love to reheat my smoked brisket on a flat top grill. It all reheats nicely and evenly, therefore its really good to go with club sandwiches.

Most standard grills, in my opinion, are not designed to accommodate a large amount of food, thus cooking is limited and time-consuming. It limits my ability to invite a large number of people, but with a flat top grill, things get easier for me since I can cook a large number of dishes at once.

Cleaning commercial grills

Because there are fewer people and less food cooked, the equipment for home usage is considerably easier to clean. But when it comes to the commercial kitchen, the grilling equipment is much bigger, and more food is cooked. Cleaning can be a bit difficult, but I am sure that there are ways to keep even the commercial grill in clean and good shape.

Baking soda has a good reputation for dissolving grease. The use of lemon, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid for cleaning purposes can do wonders. So, whether it’s for home or commercial usage, keeping the flat top grill clean should be a priority so that everyone can enjoy great and healthy meals.

grilling with blackstone grill

To sum up

As previously said, grilling is appreciated by everybody and is an event that everyone enjoys participating in. There is always a lot of enthusiasm at a BBQ party. My early memories include pitching a tent in the backyard with my father and grilling the finest steaks and burgers.

So I just love to create these wonderful memories for my children by choosing the finest flat-top grill and keeping it clean I make sure that my loved ones get to eat some of the best-tasting burgers, steaks, sandwiches, etc.

Grilling is always fun, no matter what equipment is utilized. Cleaning gets simpler, however, if it is cleaned after each usage on a regular basis. Even if I am weary after a long day, I make sure that it is cleaned.

After the cleaning process, I store the flat top grill in a cool, dry location, wrapped in a nice, sturdy canvas sheet. I have been to many BBQ parties, and after an enjoyable evening, all that I can hear is OH god! How do I clean this mess?

Parties can be messy, and when we are tired, we tend to keep the cleaning for some other time. This is where we are going wrong. I have the practice of cleaning my grill as soon as the event is over, and this keeps my grill in top shape even after so many years of use.

So the above simple and easy tips I have shared are going to keep the cleaning process as simple and easy as possible.

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