How to grill frozen burgers?

Grilling frozen burgers the right way

If you feel like eating something that comes from a barbecue, one of your best options is a grilled burger. Grilled burgers are undoubtedly the yummiest and fastest things that you can prepare on the barbecue. If you are hosting a BBQ party, then you’ll require loads of frozen burgers. Frozen burgers are the perfect option because you don’t have to worry about thawing and other unnecessary processes.

A frozen burger requires at least 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 160 Fahrenheit. Thankfully, there isn’t much preparation that is needed to grill frozen burgers. You have to take some steps for a trouble-free grilling experience. What’s the wait? Let’s jump to some grilling.

What do you need to grill frozen burgers?

Whenever I am hosting a BBQ party, I always try to include frozen burgers as they are easy-peasy.  All I have to do is prepare the grill and buy the ready-made ingredients. If you are grilling frozen burgers for the first time, you might not have all the necessary things. In this guide, I have listed all the essentials that you’ll require to grill your frozen burgers properly.

  • An efficient gas grill
  • BBQ sauces or other condiments
  • Burger buns
  • Frozen burger meat patties
  • Plates
  • Spatula

It’s all about thawing the frozen meat

There are a lot of misconceptions about thawing the frozen burger patty. I will suggest that you always keep a distance from thawing at room temperature. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t be thawing your meat at room temperature. In this article, we’ll also tell you the best ways to thaw your frozen burger patty.

You can use cold water, the microwave, or your refrigerator to thaw the meat. The best way to thaw the meat is by placing the patty in the refrigerator two days ahead of grilling. The refrigerator thawing process will reduce the damage made by ice crystals. If you are in a hurry, you can place the frozen patty in a leak-proof plastic bag filled with cold water.

A frozen burger requires at least 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 160 Fahrenheit.

I prefer using the microwave because it’s quicker. The microwave method is ideal when you want to cook the patty immediately or after a few minutes. When you are thawing the frozen patty in the microwave, then it already starts cooking from the inside.

You should always be careful while thawing the meat, as it can potentially develop bad bacteria. Even after thawing, you must cook the frozen burger thoroughly to ensure that it is safe. Moreover, you should never skip the thawing process, as it will take longer for the frozen burger to grill. Different types of meat patties will require varied thawing time.

Frozen patties preparation

When you go shopping for your frozen burger patties, you must pick the best ingredients. These ingredients will not only add plenty of taste, but it’s safe for consuming too. I prefer choosing a patty that has more than 90% lean. A 100% beef burger patty is the best choice for grilling frozen burgers. I am sure that you and your guests will have a great time grilling frozen burgers.

How to defrost frozen burger patties? There are two options for this. If you have time, you can thaw them or leave them in your chiller. Depending on the amount of burger patty, your frozen patty may take more than half a day to defrost on your chiller.

If you don’t have the time to go through the defrosting process, you can also cook them straight on your grill. You have to separate the stacked frozen burger patty using a grilling spatula or a butter knife. You can slowly separate each patty one by one and cook them on your grill.

Frozen burgers grilling advice

Once your meat is ready, now it’s time to grill. Not preheating the grill before the grilling process is a mark of an amateur cook. It is essential to pre-heat your grill for cooking the frozen burger nicely. This process will also ensure that your patty will not stick when you try to flip it.

You can set your grill to 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes before you start grilling. In case you are using a charcoal grill, you can check the heat by placing your hand several inches away from the grill. If you can feel the heat, then perhaps it’s the perfect time to toss the frozen patties.

You also have to add seasoning to your patty before you place them on the grill. Most people season their patty with pepper and salt. When the grill has preheated properly, then you can place the patty on it. You can use a grilling spatula to flip the patties.

The patties will take a minimum of three to five minutes to fully cook. If you are not aware of how long to grill a frozen burger, then this article will come in very handy. If your frozen burger patty is too thick, you may have to leave it on the grill for some more time.

Adding flair to the frozen patty

As the patty is cooking, you can spread some barbecue sauces to enhance the taste. The sauces will also retain the taste and moisture even after flipping. You can expect your patty to take at least 15-20 minutes on the grill. Make sure, you  keep a close eye on the grill as it’s cooking.

Don’t forget to move the patty around when the grill has become too hot or less hot. The interchange of patties will ensure that each patty gets an equal amount of heat.  It will also avoid any kind of flare-ups that can cause the patty to taste bitter or burned.

Don’t get worried if your patty is constantly emitting juice because it will keep doing that till it’s clear. While you’re cooking, keep in mind that you should not eliminate all the juices as it will make the patty extremely dry. No one will enjoy an overly dry patty.

You may also use a corded or cordless meat thermometer. The perfect internal temperature for ground beef or patty is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to remove the patty from the grill and insert the corded or cordless thermometer.

For the perfect and scrumptious hamburger, you can toast the burger buns along with the patty. It will give the buns a crispy texture that you will enjoy. I love using sesame buns for my grilled burgers because they taste heavenly.

To toast the buns properly, you can pop some butter in the microwave and spread them on the white side of the bun. You shouldn’t put the buns on a high temperature or extra hot grill. Use lower temperatures for the buns to cook them properly. After all these steps, you’re almost ready to dive into meaty flavors.

Assemble And Enjoy

This is the last step to enjoy frozen burgers. After toasting soft buns and juicy patties, you can get to the assembling part. This is the moment you can bring out your inner chef and try out a variety of condiments on your delicious burger. A classic and juicy hamburger is incomplete without cheese, vegetables, and sauces.

Whatever sauces you are using, first apply them to the flat side of your burger buns. You can use hot sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayo, or homemade condiments. I love using cheesy jalapeño sauce with my meaty burger. Be generous with the sauce as it can very well enhance the taste of your buns.

For further elevating the taste of your burgers, add vegetables like pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. The vegetables will add different textures to your burger. A lot of people also prefer a slice of cheese or bacon on their burgers.

Apart from the sauces and veggies, don’t forget the fries to accompany the tasty burgers. I cannot imagine grilled burgers without a plate of fries. You will savor every single bite of the perfectly grilled burger.


1.   How long do I have to grill frozen burgers?

The grilling time for frozen burgers is generally 20-28 minutes. The grilling time also depends upon the thickness of your frozen patty. You have to set the temperature to 160-degree Fahrenheit for perfect grilling. It is important not to overcook the burger, for best results check my article on how to tell if pork is done.

2.   Which is the best-frozen burger?

Honestly speaking, I prefer making fresh patty at home and storing them. But if you don’t have enough time you can use store-bought patty. Like I mentioned before, use a patty with over 90% lean for your burger.

3.   How do I avoid my frozen patty from burning?

To prevent your patty from burning, you have to rotate and interchange the position from time to time. You also have to adjust the temperature properly to avoid overheating. Also, you have to pre-heat your grill, which will ensure that your patty is getting the right amount of heat.

Final words

I hope that you’ll be able to get your frozen burgers perfectly grilled, and you and your family will love them. Many of you had a lot of doubts regarding how long to grill frozen burgers, I have tried to address all those queries. You must not rush while grilling frozen burgers, and you’ll have the most perfect and incredible tasting dish in front of you.

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